Nationally Acclaimed Dancer and Instructor
Silvia Salamanca is coming to Yuma, Arizona!
Tribal fusion is well known by its fluidity and snake-like movements…Here we will discover original moves and combos that will build into a routine where we will flow with grace, energy and elegance as we snake our way through it!!
In this workshop, suitable for all levels, we will start breaking down the elements of the Zambra Mora (Spanish gypsy dance). Then we will learn a new routine designed to dance in couples like the “gitanas” do (Spanish gypsy women dance with each other…and they have fun!) The routine can also be learned to be a beautiful solo. No need to bring your own partner! Just your fiery spirit and a skirt, and be ready to feel proud, joyful and fiery!! Ole!
In this workshop we will be introduced to a few of the Classical Indian dances by learning the basic postures and mudras of Kathak, Odissi and Baratya-Nayam. Then we will put them to use while learning a fusion choreography that will mix those elements with the modern flavor of Bollywood and with Bellydance. From the Boom Boom Bellydance to the Om Shati in a workshop!
Saturday, March 18th
10am to 12
Slow and Fluid: A Mesmerizing Tribal Bellydance Routine
(all levels)
Sunday March 19th
10am to 12
Spanish Gypsy Passion: Zambra Mora! (all levels)
1 to 3pm
Indian Fusion: From the Ancient to the Modern (all levels)
Workshops are 50.00 each
2 for 80.00 or all three for 120.00!
Workshops Location: North End Community Center
160 E 1st Street Yuma, Arizona